Discover our energy advisory service

When the Spanish market for electricity liberalized a lot of companies came to the market offering energy plans.

Your personal energy advisor can save you a lot of money

Lisbone offers you an advisory service that looks into your energy needs and helps you save on energy costs.

Save money on your electricity bill

We analyze your latest electricity bill looking for cheaper rates and lower power fares, where money can be saved we will find it.

Go for renewable energy.

Energy solutions for families, corporate clients and communities

Get a cheaper electricity rate

Let's start saving money on electricity bills (only in Spain). Send us your latest bill through mail or online and we will calculate you our best offer.

Offers without compromise
Optimization studies
Change without interruptions

Solar panels

With solar panels you can generate all or part of the energy you are consuming. Your installation is connected with the electric grid, so you will never be left in the dark.

Save from day one
Be independent
Finance plans

Electric car chargers

With up to 400 kilometers of autonomy and a reasonable purchase price electric cars are increasingly rapid becoming a reality. We offer home or enterprise battery chargers.

Suitable for small and large users
Universal charger
Renault and Citroën car dealership


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