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History of LISBONA-OIL since 1962

Since its inception in 1962, LISBONA-OIL has been a family-owned company that has left a significant footprint in the region. It all started when Juan Lisbona Cornejo obtained the permits for the opening of the first gas station in Torre del Mar, LA VEGA Service Station. This courageous project marked the beginning of a business trajectory that has been maintained over the years.

Company expansion

  • Diversification

    Juan Lisbona Cornejo’s entrepreneurial vision led to the expansion of the family business, which was not only limited to gas stations. Over time, it was expanded to include a complete service area with restaurant and workshops. In addition, the Lisbona family managed movie theaters in Torre del Mar and other towns, consolidating itself as an integral presence in the community.

  • Continuous growth

    After Juan’s death in 1978, his sons continued the work, expanding the first installation with the construction of another gas station on the opposite bank. The evolution led to the opening of EL VISILLO Service Station, known today as LISBONA.

Adapting to change

With the sale of the first two facilities in 1995 due to the opening of the Autovía, LISBONA-OIL not only adapted to the change, but also continued to grow. New gas stations were established in various parts of the province, as well as car dealerships and restaurants.

The opening of the HOME GASOIL DISTRIBUTION CENTER in the La Pañoleta Industrial Park marked another important milestone. Currently, LISBONA-OIL is composed of this center and the E. de S. EL VISILLO, forming a solid network of services for the community.

Exclusive Services in E. de S. LISBONA El Visillo

At LISBONA El Visillo Service Station, you will find exclusive services that distinguish our offer:

  • Additivated gasoline and diesel, subjected to specialized microfilters for extra quality and performance.

  • Service is provided on the runway, maintaining the tradition of a warm and comfortable service.

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Eduardo Landler
Eduardo Landler
En 5 minutos tenés el auto impecable!
Reinhilde Penen
Reinhilde Penen
Wasserette is top.
Antonio Martin
Antonio Martin
Estupendo servicio, buenos precios y ofertas los domingos
kiko Be
kiko Be
Monica Fernández
Monica Fernández
Irene Bertei
Irene Bertei
Sehr freundlich und sauber

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Lisbona Oil, an integral experience

Our offerings extend beyond fuels, with services such as laundry, pet washing, Amazon pick-up and more. In addition, in our store, you will find typical products of the region, an excellent selection of wines, freshly baked bread, camping supplies and much more.

We inform you of our fixed promotions, discounts, points and temporary offers through our application so that you can take full advantage of our services. In addition, at LISBONA-OIL, we maintain a firm commitment to the environment, complying with all current regulations and having quality and environmental certificates.

At LISBONA-OIL, we not only focus on our services, but we also actively collaborate with the community, supporting swimming teams, soccer, parties and other local initiatives. Our company is more than a service provider; we are an integral part of the life of the community we serve.

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